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Training Courses
Courses and development programs:

Provide for the trainees of current employees with opportunities to develop their skills in specific areas and during short periods, depending on the nature and contents of the course

Qualifying courses:

Provide an opportunity for those who wish a comprehensive rehabilitation qualified for a specific job, in several disciplines.

Training programs, as requested by the client:

These programs aim to develop the skills of the trainees and contribute to raising the level of professionalism in the performance of their career to achieve the objectives of certain functions, and the intensification of practical exercises and practical in these courses to meet the needs of professional participants. Designed as requested by the client's needs in terms of content and specific training period.

Specialized diploma programs:

The primary objective of the diploma programs is a vocational rehabilitation specialist in the administrative area where the institute offers the trainee a chance and functional professional paving shall enter into a career path to serve companies and institutions, and these diplomas pumped to the labor market potential of qualified and promising contribute to cover the requirements of some vital functions in the technical disciplines