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Consulting Services:

1. The development of human resources plans
2. Development of risk management plans and crisis
3. Marketing studies
4. Marketing strategies
5. Preparation senior management systems
6. Measurement and development of organizational performance
7. TQM implementation with the measurement and analysis of the cost of quality
8. Business Process Reengineering
9. Analysis and measurement of productivity
10. Preparation of policies and internal control procedures
11. Preparation of procurement policies and procedures and contracts
12. Analyze and measure the cost of operation
13. Analysis and preparation of organizational structures
14. Prepare evidence regulatory
15. Simplification of administrative procedures
16. Prepare procedural manuals
17. Analysis and assessment of financial and accounting aspects
18. Preparation of the rules and regulations of financial and accounting
19. Preparation of policies and procedures guide
20. Preparation of regulations and procedures for financial reporting
21. Preparation of regulations and procedures for cost accounting
22. Preparation of policies and internal control procedures
23. Preparation of procurement & contracts policies
24. Preparation of warehouses policies and procedures
25. Analysis of information systems
26. Design of information systems
27. Analysis of workforce
28. Development of strategies and plans for the replacement Career
29. Plans career paths
30. Prepare plans for career development
31. Analysis and provide job classification
32. Preparation salaries, bonuses and incentives systems
33. Study, analyze and develop the systems and the methods to provide functionality
34. Preparation systems and regulations of human resource development
35. Identify training needs
36. Preparation of regulations, policies and procedures of Training
37. Preparation procedures and models of human resources


Measure the impact of the return of the training:

Key components of the training process is the trainer, trainee, training environment, the training program, and the means and training tools. To ensure the effectiveness of the training process that requires follow-up and monitoring changes in these five elements.

This is done through the use of methods of follow-up and delivery of appropriate and ongoing and that is designed to detect errors and deviation from the goals early and timely intervention to save time, money and re-adjust strategies and activity planning and decision-making effective strategy in order to ensure the proper conduct of the training process in the direction of achieving the desired objectives.

In that sense everyone is aware of the importance of intellectual measure the return on training and building and refining capacity in this area as an input to the evolution and development of individuals, institutions and communities.